An Introduction to Using TEX in the Harvard Mathematics Department

An Introduction to Using TEX in the Harvard Mathematics Department

mathematic [,mæθə'mætɪk]:adj. 数学的,精确的,数理的,肯定的,精确的,严谨的

1. Abstract

This paper provides a brief explanation of how to typeset mathematical papers in the LATEX2e flavor of TEX, and includes instructions for previewing and printing TEX documents on the Sun computers in the Harvard Mathematics Department.

typeset ['taɪpset]:vt. 排版 adj. 已排字的
mathematical[mæθ(ə)'mætɪk(ə)l]:adj. 数学的,数学上的,精确的
flavor ['fleɪvə]:n. 情味,风味,香料,滋味 vt. 加味于
mathematics [mæθ(ə)'mætɪks]:n. 数学,数学运算
  • Contents
  • Getting Started
  • Picking a Flavor
  • Files
  • Text Modes
  • Beginning to Type
  • Commands for Text Mode
    • Different Kinds of Type
    • A Word About Environments
    • Theorems, Lemmas, and Conjectures
    • Lists
    • Centering and Underlining
    • Spacing
    • Tables
    • Sectioning and Cross-references
    • Bibliography
  • Commands for Math Mode
    • Numbered Equations
    • Subscripting and Superscripting
    • Text in Math Mode
    • Special Symbols
    • Sequences of Equations
    • Getting Stuff On Top of Other Stuff
    • Bracketing
    • Matrices
    • Case Statements
    • Diagrams
  • Making Life a Little Easier
  • Working with Large Files
  • Checking and Printing
  • Viewing Your Masterpiece
  • Printing Your Masterpiece
  • Including Pictures
    • Xfig
    • picture environment
    • eepic picture environment
    • Including PostScript code

2. Special Symbols - 特殊符号

To make the following table of symbols completely available, include the following package-loading command after your documentclass command.




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