Advanced AI Software powered by computer vision and deep learning for real-time face analysis.

  • Analyze faces in images, videos, and real-life environments
  • Plug and play solutions

Sightcorp is an AI spin-off from the University of Amsterdam. We develop patented proprietary AI Software solutions. Through computer vision and deep learning, we can analyze faces in images, videos, and in real-life environments.

spin-off ['spinɔ:f, -ɔf]:n. 副产品,资产分派,让产易股
proprietary [prə'praɪət(ə)rɪ]:n. 所有权,所有人 adj. 所有的,专利的,私人拥有的
University of Amsterdam (Dutch: Universiteit van Amsterdam),UvA:阿姆斯特丹大学
Dutch [dʌtʃ]:adj. 荷兰的,荷兰人的,荷兰语的 n. 荷兰人,荷兰语 adv. 费用平摊地,各自付账地


1. Face Blur

Privacy in public or private areas.

blur [blɜː]:vt. 涂污,使...模糊不清,使暗淡,玷污 vi. 沾上污迹,变模糊 n. 污迹,模糊不清的事物
anonymity [ænə'nɪmɪtɪ]:n. 匿名,匿名者,无名之辈
concern [kən'sɜːn]:vt. 涉及,关系到,使担心 n. 关系,关心,关心的事,忧虑

Address privacy concerns with Face Blur by automatically hiding detected faces in live video stream in real time.

2. Face Blur Technology

2.1 What is face blur?

Face Blur is a real-time video anonymizer. It is designed with privacy in mind. You can now easily blur faces to protect the privacy of all people recorded in video systems or in images.
Face Blur 是一个实时视频匿名程序。它的设计考虑到了隐私。您现在可以轻松模糊脸部,以保护视频系统或图像中录制的所有人的隐私。

Based on the input we received from our customers and partners, together with our own strong values when it comes to respecting individuals’ privacy, we have decided to add the face blur feature in all of our products.

respect [rɪ'spekt]:n. 尊敬,尊重,方面,敬意 vt. 尊敬,尊重,遵守
individual [ˌɪndɪˈvɪdʒʊəl]:adj. 个人的,个别的,独特的 n. 个人,个体

2.2 Privacy by default

Start applying privacy by default today with our face blurring solutions. You can still perform all face analysis tasks with the additional capability to prevent others from being able to view video streams or see people’s faces.

Face Blurring is ideal for many different industries that have cameras running for security or analytics purposes and need to provide access to the video streams or share the output with third parties.
Face Blurring 是许多不同行业的理想选择,这些行业的摄像机为安全或分析目的而运行,需要提供对视频流的访问或与第三方共享输出。

2.3 How does face blur work?

For the Face Blur feature to take effect, first, a face (or faces) needs to be detected in a video stream or in a still image(s). Once a face has been detected, similar to how your phone detects your face with a yellow bounding box when taking a selfie, we can then add a layer that blurs or pixelate the detected face(s). This happens in such a way that the person’s face can no longer be seen by the human eye. Our face detector is very strong and can detect faces from any angle and distance.

With privacy regulations changing all the time around the globe and the recent GDPR that came into effect in the EU, it is recommended to comply with all regulations per default by adding/ integrating face blurring in your services.
随着全球隐私法规的不断变化以及最近在欧盟生效的 GDPR,建议在您的服务中添加/集成面部模糊,从而遵守所有默认法规。

selfie [ˈsɛlfɪ]:n. 自拍照
Pixelate ['piksəleit]:n. 像素化,视频滤镜效果
regulation [regjʊ'leɪʃ(ə)n]:n. 管理,规则,校准 adj. 规定的,平常的
comply [kəm'plaɪ]:vi. 遵守,顺从,遵从,答应
General Data Protection Regulation,GDPR:通用数据保护条例


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