Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) - Microsoft Building 92 - Microsoft Visitor Center

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) - Microsoft Building 92 - Microsoft Visitor Center

Microsoft Building 92 is also known as the Microsoft Visitor Center.

The Microsoft Store and Visitor Center are located in Building 92 of Microsoft’s main Redmond campus.
Microsoft Store 和 Visitor Center 位于 Microsoft 主要 Redmond 园区的 92 号楼。

The Microsoft Store and Visitors Center is a great way to understand the past, present and future of Microsoft. We encourage Microsoft teams, business customers and external stakeholders to join us to find out more about Microsoft’s technology.
Microsoft Store 和 Visitors Center 是了解 Microsoft 过去、现在和未来的绝佳方式。我们鼓励 Microsoft 团队、业务客户和外部利益相关者加入我们,以了解有关 Microsoft 技术的更多信息。

1. The Visitor Center

Experience the past, present, and future of Microsoft. Take a self-guided tour, interact with displays and presentations, get hands-on with the latest Xbox games, and bring your imagination to life in our Minecraft display, and more.
体验微软的过去,现在和未来。参加自助游,展示和演示互动,亲身体验最新的 Xbox 游戏,并在我的 Minecraft 显示屏中实现您的想象力等等。

2. The Theater

In this new space for visual presentations, product demonstrations, and software trainings, private groups and tours can take a deeper dive into the world of Microsoft.

3. The Store

Our revamped Store features interactive displays to test out the latest Microsoft products, including the Xbox and Surface product lines, plus Microsoft swag that can’t be found anywhere else.
我们改进的商店具有交互式显示屏,可以测试最新的 Microsoft 产品,包括 Xbox 和 Surface 产品系列,以及其他任何地方都找不到的 Microsoft swag。

revamp [riː'væmp]:vt. 修补,翻新,修改 n. 改进,换新鞋面


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